Environmental Policy

Windfield Alloy, Inc is committed to quality, excellence, continual improvement of it’s environmental performance, and pollution prevention through the development of new asset recovery and recycling programs. We seek to demonstrate our responsible corporate citizenship to both the environment and all our customers. Conducting our operations in accordance with all applicable environmental regulations along with a working Integrated Management System supporting our company’s growth. This emphasizes our commitment to meeting customer needs and requirements. In addition, Windfield Alloy is dedicated to e-Steward standards with secure destruction and recycling activities for all types of electronic scrap (e-waste), and prohibition of exporting Hazardous Electronic Waste that would be in violation of Basel Convention Decisions. Windfield supports the prohibition of both child and prison labor and has a strong corporate focus on health & safety and the accountability of all hazardous waste. Windfield Alloy, Inc is committed to social accountability through our social programs, with local communities such as electronic recycling days, and television recycling programs, our earth day recycling program and our no charge service. We also work with the Clean River Association in their efforts to help the environment.

A copy of our policy is available to any interested party.