Asset Recovery Services

At Windfield, electronics that are received at our secure facilities are fully tracked. During our sorting and auditing process, any electronic asset with intrinsic value is a candidate for reuse and remarketing.

Remarketing Assets

Remarketing used equipment maximizes return on investment (ROI) because many electronics include subassemblies, components, and chips that are valuable commodities in various aftermarkets. As a full-service recycling and asset management company, we provide customers with on-site analysis in order to identify the value of these materials. We work closely with customers to determine the best asset recovery strategy that needs their unique business objectives.

Windfield IT Reuse Programs

  • Refurbish and redeploy within your business
  • Refurbish and remarket to secondary markets
  • Recover parts and components for reuse
  • Equipment that has no intrinsic value is responsibly recycled