Precious Metal Refining

Windfield Alloy Inc. employs state-of-the-art, specialized, and cost-effective methods for the recovery of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium in order to ensure our customers obtain maximum return for their scrap material.

We are certified as a B4 Level III Hazardous Waste Recycling refiner and our facilities maintain a zero-discharge status while upholding the highest safe-handling procedures.


We can efficiently handle a wide variety of scrap material while adhering to the strictest requirements for ensuring accuracy.


Our incineration furnaces allow for a wide variety of burnable precious metal-bearing material to be processed. Our incinerators are equipped with after-burners, which help to eliminate burn loss and protect a customer’s material.


Cyanide Strip (Surface Plated Materials)

We process electroplated scrap through a highly effective gold stripping process. The process is fast, efficient, and more cost-effective than melting or using other processes when the gold is not encapsulated or hidden under multiple layers.

Acid Reduction (Encapsulated Scrap)

If a material is one that cannot be melted, incinerated, or stripped, we will separate it using a variety of acid digestion methods.

Shredding, Blending & Sampling

For low grade materials, we offer a low-cost shredding process. The material is shredded and then passed through a state of the art, custom splitter that helps to homogenize the material. Iron is removed from the material. Aluminum is also separated.