Mobile Device Recycling

The increased use of cell phones, smartphones, and tablets coupled with their short electronic refresh cycle has created a vast supply of unwanted, end-of-life devices.  Although deemed no longer useful to their owners, these mobile devices have value and can be reused or recycled for a good return. 

Reuse Programs

As a full-service asset recovery company, Windfield Alloy Inc. provide customers with on-site analysis in order to identify the value of these materials. We work closely with customers to determine the best asset recovery strategy that needs their unique business objectives.

  • Refurbish and redeploy within your business
  • Refurbish and remarket to secondary markets
  • Recover parts and components for reuse
  • Equipment that has no intrinsic value is responsibly recycled

Recycling Programs

Any mobile phones and devices that are not suitable for resale are physically destroyed during our recycling process. We responsibly recycle mobile devices for a number of national businesses and organizations on-site at our facilities

Complete Transparency

We track all materials entering its facilities through a meticulous tracking system that is capable of locating any item at all stages from receiving reports, to reconciliation reports, to downstream vendors. This assures customers that all materials we receive are 100% traceable.

Who We Work With

Our customers’ confidential information is never compromised. We have extensive experience and service a number of clients, from the private sector, to government entities, to financial institutions.

  • Manufacturers
  • Business
  • Government
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Educational Institutions