Scrap metal includes non-ferrous materials, like aluminum, copper, tin, and brass, and ferrous metals, like iron and steel. Both types of scrap metal are recycled at Windfield Alloy Inc.’s facilities. The recycling process for metal is similar to those of other materials and can be described through four stages of receiving, processing, shredding, and resale.

Non-Ferrous Recycling

Windfield Alloy Inc. recycles non-ferrous metals, which refers to scrap metal other than iron and steel. Examples of non-ferrous metal include aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, titanium, cobalt, and chromium. Non-ferrous scrap is recovered from a wide range of obsolete consumer, commercial, and industrial sources.

Ferrous Scrap MetalFerrous Recycling

Windfield Alloy Inc.’s ferrous metal processing handles an array of scrap. Some of the ferrous materials processed include by-products from the engineering sector, automobiles, consumer appliances, tools and machinery, steel-related structures, and much more.