Why Windfield

Windfield Alloy Inc. is committed to quality, excellence and the continual improvement of our environmental performance and pollution prevention produced through our asset recovery and recycling programs. We regularly demonstrate our responsible corporate citizenship to both the environment and all of our customers.

Single Source Recycling, Refining & Reuse Solution

Established in 1978, Windfield Alloy Inc. was focused on the refining and recovery of precious metals from electronic and manufacturing scrap. As our customer base grew, we realized that our customers’ recycling needs included materials that we did not handle and that our own operations were generating similar recyclable materials.

In 1996, we expanded our operations into non-ferrous materials. Shortly afterwards, we added the Sierra T550 SL shear/baler/logger to our facilities, an equipment change that allowed us to process ferrous material as well. By partnering with Windfield Alloy Inc., customers are assured of receiving the highest return on their recyclable materials because we are a single source refining, recycling and reuse solution.

Commitment to the Environment

All of Windfield’s processes are compliant with EPA, state, and local mandates. Copies of licenses and permits are available upon request. See our full Environmental, Health and Safety Policy here.

Timely Process

Most scrap, depending on the complexity of the material, can be prepared, processed and settlement made based on your needs.