Our facilities have full chemical refining capabilities, baling and logging capabilities for ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling, and dismantling/shredding and remarketing operations for electronics recycling.

By integrating electronics processing and remarketing with scrap metal recycling and precious metals refining, we’ve succeeded in our goal to provide our customers with a single source, full-service refining, recycling and reuse solution.

Tracking System

Our advanced computer network allows us to track every shipment received at our facilities – from arrival to payment. When a shipment is received, a unique control number is created and entered into our tracking system. Company policies and procedures are further in place to track employees who handle any particular shipment or asset.


Our facilities are fully protected by security systems and are under constant video surveillance as well as on-site security personnel. Only Windfield Alloy Inc. employees have access to our facilities and all visitors must register upon arrival and be accompanied by an employee while on site.