Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling

Windfield Alloy Inc. recycles non-ferrous scrap metal, which refers to scrap metal other than iron and steel. Examples of non-ferrous metal include aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, titanium, cobalt, and chromium. Non-ferrous scrap is recovered from a wide range of obsolete consumer, commercial, and industrial sources.

By establishing a niche with our chemical process and combining it with our non-ferrous recycling capabilities, we have grown to be one of the largest non-ferrous scrap metal recyclers in New England.

We have a complete range of scrap metal processing machinery on-site including shears, balers, loggers, and sorting/separation equipment. The Sierra T550 SL is one such machine that we use in our non-ferrous scrap metal operations.


We pay competitive prices for non-ferrous scrap metal. To get a current price for the scrap metal you want to sell, please call our office for a quote or fill out our web form.

Commercial Accounts

Non-ferrous scrap metal can be picked up at a customer’s location on a scheduled or will-call basis or can be shipped to Windfield Alloy Inc. by truck or rail. Other customers elect to drop off materials using their own trucks. We also provide containers to customers as needed. Whether a customer needs one single barrel or multiple 30 yard roll-off containers, we can meet the customer’s individual needs. All materials are then collected, sorted, and baled at Windfield Alloy Inc.’s locations.

Retail Purchases

Windfield Alloy Inc.’s facility in Lawrence, MA operates a retail operation where individuals may redeem non-ferrous scrap metal. Payment is made in cash or check at the time of sale.