Solutions We Offer

Electronics Recycling

To protect customers’ legal liability and responsibly manage environmental risks, Windfield Enterprise Solutions conducts complete downstream traceability reviews of all sensitive materials. Our recycling practices meet the industry’s highest standards for the environmentally responsible recycling of e-waste.

Data Destruction

We protect the identity and integrity of its customers and safeguards them against attempts of reuse or data recovery by removing all trace-of-origin identifiers on retired electronic equipment. We ensure the elimination of sensitive data and intelligence from a wide range of equipment. To this end, we can supply customers with data destruction reports that confirm the service was rendered.


We help enterprises reclaim the maximum value from resellable electronic equipment by working with them to identify the right channels including end-user, reseller or wholesale markets in domestic or foreign markets. Our professional team assists organizations by developing custom programs that best fit that organization’s individual and specific needs.


While based in the Northeast, our geographically-dispersed transportation network provides for timely pickup services that guarantee continuous movement of materials. Our service radius and transportation network extend nationally and internationally. Dedicated to providing the best service possible, we work with our customers to plan, remove, and pack materials in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible.