Industries Served


Many states now have established goals set to eliminate electronic waste stockpiles and legacy devices. Windfield Enterprise Solutions works with both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Contract Manufacturers (CMs) to deliver the most cost-effective, environmentally safe, and secure recycling solutions. We responsibly recycle a wide range of manufactured materials and helps OEMs and CMs reclaim the maximum value from resellable equipment.


Large businesses need to keep frantic pace with fast-occurring advancements in technology. In terms of end-of-life solutions for electronics, we help our customers safely recycle old equipment, recover value from aged technology that is able to be resold, and securely destroy private or sensitive data on hard drives.


Organizations in the public sector face unique challenges. We manage technology recycling efforts and hard drive destruction for many federal, state, and local government entities. Organizations are served in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Financial Institutions

For financial institutions, a strict adherence to data protection is equally as important as solid accounting practices, information decentralization and profit margins. In our 30+ year history, we have never had a data infraction. When working with us, financial institutions can rest assured that the right security issues have been verified for your added protection when equipment is responsibly recycled or resold.


In healthcare, a major legal concern is an adherence to strict data privacy laws. With technology constantly advancing and changing, it’s imperative that all private medical data is secure. We work with healthcare providers and companies in the medical/lab equipment industry to ensure old technology is disposed of correctly, including proper hard drive data destruction techniques. Compliance regulations are met with assurance.

Educational Institutions

While technology is constantly changing, educational institutions (public/private schools or universities) are faced with the task of finding responsible recycling and reuse programs to help remove retired assets. With an unwavering dedication to secure recycling solutions, we can assure educational institutions that old technology is disposed of correctly, including proper hard drive data destruction techniques.